Exploring the Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

Seniors and caregivers who are looking into assisted living can often be bombarded with a range of emotions. Seniors could be both excited and scared of what’s ahead, especially if they don’t know much about assisted living. Caregivers can be worried their loved one won’t make friends or that they’ll be bored. Most times, these fears are quieted by visiting and touring various assisted living communities, especially since assisted living isn’t what it used to be – it’s so much more. 

According to Diane Reier, Lifestyle Specialist at Aspired Living® of Prospect Heights, a senior living community in Prospect Heights, IL., those who are exploring their assisted living options often don’t know what to expect. “Many seniors believe that assisted living is a boring place where they get the care they need but gain no benefits other than that,” says Diane. “Fortunately, we are here to help break that myth. These days, assisted living communities consist of vibrant individuals who want more out of life and staff members who are dedicated to providing the best care and an engaging experience. With plenty of programs, amenities and services, seniors have options of how to spend their days. Whether they want to explore the community or relax, there’s something for everyone.”

How Assisted Living Benefits Seniors

Making the move to an assisted living community is often something seniors wish they would have done sooner. The benefits and advantages of moving to an assisted living community often surpass what seniors come to expect. If you are thinking about moving to assisted living, consider some of the following benefits.

No need to worry about home maintenance. When seniors move to an assisted living community, they enter a worry-free lifestyle. Instead of worrying about home maintenance, housekeeping and a constant to-do list of chores, they can focus on doing the things that matter to them, whether that means enjoying some relaxing time to themselves or making new friends and learning new skills. 

Social interaction. For seniors who have lived alone, one of the main benefits of assisted living is the opportunity for social interaction. When seniors live alone, they can often begin to feel isolated and lonely, especially if they are unable to drive. This makes it harder for them to go to see friends and could cause them to become depressed. If their friends can drive, this may not be as big of an issue but, if they can’t drive your loved one may rely on you to take them or pick their friend up, which can be hard with your busy schedule and demands. 

Engaging programming. Aside from social interaction, seniors can greatly benefit from the engaging programming that many assisted living communities provide. With programs, clubs and outings that cater to differing interests, preferences and abilities, assisted living communities can generally provide experiences that can help to enrich your loved one’s life and help them to find friends with common interests.

Care available whenever it’s needed or desired. When it comes to finding the care your loved one needs, assisted living communities can help to give you and your loved one peace of mind. The staff at assisted living communities is always on-hand and ready to assist whenever your loved one wants or needs them, and many times they have access to nurses or other healthcare professionals 24/7. Whether your loved one needs help with daily activities or just needs some assistance with other small tasks, they are there to help. 

Health and wellness programs. Assisted living communities offer a wide range of health and fitness classes to help keep seniors both happy and healthy. With programs from tai chi and walking to swimming and yoga, there is usually an array of offerings for all different abilities and interests. Most communities also offer personal trainers, dieticians and personalized nutrition plans in order to ensure your loved one stays in the best shape possible. 

Opportunities for privacy. If seniors want to participate in programming, explore or learn a new skill, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. For those who want to have some peace, quiet and relaxation, there are a range of ways to do that, too! Many assisted living communities have quiet spaces where seniors can go to spend some time alone and do the things they love. Does your loved one like to read? There are often well-stocked libraries with comfortable chairs in assisted living communities. Does your loved one like to catch up on the news online or try to keep in touch with friends? If so, many communities offer a technology center. For seniors who want to sit back, relax and feel rejuvenated, there are often spas and salons in assisted living communities. There are options for everyone. 

Nutritious meals are provided. Seniors who live in assisted living communities never have to worry about making meals unless they choose to. While communities often offer community kitchens, many also offer three nutritious and delicious meals per day prepared fresh for you, not to mention snacks. Best yet, many communities have multiple areas seniors can choose to dine in, whether they want something more relaxing and upscale or would rather get in and out as quickly as possible because there’s so much to do. 

To explore more of the advantages of assisted living, feel free to give the team at Aspired Living® Assisted Living a call. We’d love to show you just how much better life can be after making a move and invite you to see how our residents Live Well Beyond Ordinary. Schedule your personal tour today by calling 847-243-6920.


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