Living a Retirement Lifestyle Rich in Purpose, Opportunity, Choice and Discovery

What does your ideal retirement lifestyle look like? Do you want to spend your time giving back to the community, volunteering for a worthwhile cause? Would you enjoy traveling around the country – maybe even the world – taking in different cultures, cuisines and experiences? Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up – or a lifelong passion that previously took a backseat to your everyday responsibilities? 

“Retirement is your time to create and live the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about,” says Diane Reier, Lifestyle Specialist at Aspired Living® of Prospect Heights. “It’s a time of purpose, opportunity, choice and discovery. As you’re searching for an inspired senior living community to make your home, you want to make sure wherever you choose will provide the support and opportunity for you to explore your retirement the way you want.”

According to Diane, a rich retirement lifestyle comes from receiving the services and amenities to help you live life your way, while providing support when needed to give retirees and families peace of mind for now and in the future. “This dual approach is the basis of our VIVA!SM philosophy, which is woven into every aspect of life here at Aspired Living of Prospect Heights,” she says. 

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Enjoying your retirement revolves around three tenants: caring for your body, caring for your mind and caring for our soul. Many studies have shown that a healthy mix of physical, mental and intellectual activity don’t just give us a healthy body and healthy mind – it can also reduce the risk of developing illness and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. That’s why, when searching for a community in which to live your retirement, you want to be sure you have the opportunity to engage your whole being through the seven dimensions of wellness.

Social Wellness is when we are able to engage and connect with others in a meaningful way. This can be anything from making new friends, participating in activities with like-minded people or simply spending time with caring family and loved ones. 

Spiritual Wellness deals with (as you may have guessed) our soul or spiritual nature. If you’re religious, this is generally developed through your relationship with a higher power and your religious community; if you’re not religious, you can choose to focus on living in accordance with your values, morality and purpose. By focusing on something greater than ourselves and binding us to a common purpose, we develop our spiritual wellness. 

Emotional Wellness is when we’re able to understand and accept our feelings, as well as cope with the challenges and difficulties that life can bring. Emotional wellness allows us to share our feelings in a healthy and productive way.

Occupational Wellness stems from being personally fulfilled in the work we do, whether it’s as a career path or through volunteer work. It’s a desire to contribute and make a positive impact through our own labor, as well as passing on our knowledge to the next generation. 

Environmental Wellness is being in harmony with the landscape around us – both the natural world and the broader “environment” in which we live. Being able to make a positive impact in our environment and give back to our surroundings helps nurture and deepen this aspect of our wellness. 

Intellectual Wellness occurs when we broaden our horizons and open our minds to new experiences and ideas. Learning a new skill, joining in a meaningful discussion and seeking challenges are all examples of ways we can improve our intellectual wellness.

Physical Wellness is (naturally) keeping our bodies healthy in order to maintain a high quality of life. This is achieved through regular exercise, eating well, avoiding destructive habits like abusing drugs or alcohol and making sure we’re regularly checking in with our doctors to ward off or manage any health issues. 

How to Live the Seven Dimensions for a Fulfilling Retirement

Make your health a priority.
Full-body wellness starts with, well, your body! Commit to taking care of yourself and your health, and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to achieve the other six dimensions of wellness. After all, when you feel good, it’s easier to do things! Eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise and stay up-to-date on your physician visits. 

Reach out. 
Staying socially and emotionally healthy starts with building and nurturing relationships. So make the effort and reach out to friends, family and acquaintances. Plan a standing coffee date with someone you’d like to know better, or host a weekly game night. Now that you’re retired, your time is yours, so why not fill it with some good times with great friends? 

Try something new.
Now’s the time to try your hand at that hobby you’ve always wanted to pick up. By trying something new, you’ll be introduced to a whole group of new individuals who will have similar interests who can quickly become fast friends. You may also find an activity that fulfills you and gives you a purpose for your retirement years. 
Make the time. 
As with anything, you have to make the time in order to make it happen. Don’t get complacent! It’s easy to become a homebody, but by keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities – and then taking the time to jump on them – you’ll discover just how quickly you can build the retirement of your dreams. 

Get moving. 
Moving to a retirement community like Aspired Living® of Prospect Heights, that is! By choosing to live in a community where aging is viewed as something to be celebrated, you can live a fulfilling retirement lifestyle and Live Well. Age Well. Be Well! 

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Live Well. Age Well. Be Well. at Aspired Living®
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