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Home Care vs. Assisted Living - Which Option is Best For You?

Guest Article by Holly Klamer

You might be contemplating home care vs. assisted living care when you reach your retirement years. Overall, you prefer staying in your household and frequently get to see your family. However, you might profit from the various types of treatment offered by a nursing home.

5 Ways Aspired Living® Puts the 'Assist' in Assisted Living

According to Diane Reier, Lifestyle Specialist at Aspired Living® of Prospect Heights, moving to an Assisted Living community might just be the best new chapter in a senior’s life.

Kaye Janus Looks Back on Women’s Movement, 33 Years After Marching

An Aspired Living of Prospect Heights resident is proud to call herself a pioneer for women in the workplace.
Before women were working their way towards becoming C.E.O.’s, presidents and leaders of major corporations, there were the women marching for equal rights in the workplace decades prior.

Resident Kaye Janus of Prospect Heights, Illinois, is proud to call herself one of the “pioneers” who led the way for women to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling and exceed at all levels of business.

New Year, New Name: Live Well, Age Well, Be Well with Aspired Living® of Prospect Heights

The new year is the perfect time to try something … well … new. A new approach, a new lifestyle and, in our case, a new name. We’ve transformed from Grandbrier® of Prospect Heights to Aspired Living® of Prospect Heights and are ready to make 2019 the year that you Live Well. Age Well. Be Well! 

Practical Tips for the Long-Distance Caregiver

These days, many more families are moving further away from each other, whether for work, education or family. Despite this, new technologies available make it easier than ever to connect with loved ones who live further away. As parents age, however, adult children tend to move closer to where their loved one lives. While some move closer as their parents begin to age, preparing to serve as a caregiver, some remain distanced where they are.

Successful Dementia Communication Tips for Couples

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, a lot can change. From a wide range of emotions that can include everything from confusion and anger to physical challenges like an increase in needs and lessened ability to get around, dementia can be rough for couples to handle. But even aside from all the physical and emotional changes, communication may also be altered. 

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease: Signs, Symptoms and Stages

Parkinson’s disease affects a staggering amount of people around the world. According to the Parkinson’s Foundation, about one million Americans are living with Parkinson’s with nearly 60,000 being diagnosed each year. Most times, the bulk of those diagnosed are over the age of 50 and men are one and a half times more likely to be diagnosed than women. While many people have heard of Parkinson’s, many still don’t know exactly what it is, what causes it or what the signs and symptoms are.

How to Move a Parent with Alzheimer’s to Memory Care

Memory loss is a difficult diagnosis whether you are the parent who has been diagnosed or the adult child who is caring for the parent. Not only do you have to learn about Alzheimer's disease and it’s symptoms, but you now have to learn effective ways to manage their symptoms, communicate and plan for the future. An Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis can leave many families unsure of what’s ahead, and many adult children wonder if caring for their loved one at home is a better option than moving them to a memory care community.

Exploring the Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

Seniors and caregivers who are looking into assisted living can often be bombarded with a range of emotions. Seniors could be both excited and scared of what’s ahead, especially if they don’t know much about assisted living. Caregivers can be worried their loved one won’t make friends or that they’ll be bored. Most times, these fears are quieted by visiting and touring various assisted living communities, especially since assisted living isn’t what it used to be – it’s so much more. 

Maintaining Friendships After Moving into Independent or Assisted Living

When it comes time to move into an independent or assisted living community, many seniors fear changes in their relationships, especially when it comes to friends. Fortunately, when you move to an independent or assisted living community, it doesn’t mean you have to leave all your friends behind. In fact, it means the exact opposite.


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