Caregiver Spouse

How to Adjust to Becoming a Caregiver for a Spouse

As seniors age, the more likely it becomes they will need some help or extra care to remain as healthy or independent as possible. Many times, spouses are the ones who care for one another as they age. Whether this means assisting them with activities of daily living, such as dressing, grooming or taking medication or simply being there to provide help whenever they need it, the transition from spouse to a caregiving spouse can be a big adjustment. 

Safety for Caregiver Spouses: How to Manage Challenging Behaviors

Considering the changes one goes through as dementia progresses—the loss of memories, confusion, sensory problems, diminishing abilities, the struggle to communicate—it’s no wonder that challenging behaviors evolve in response to their ever-changing world. For the spouse of a loved one with memory loss, dealing with challenging behaviors such as aggression, suspicion and delusions can be emotionally trying and, in some cases, dangerous for both partners’ safety.

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