Kaye Janus Looks Back on Women’s Movement, 33 Years After Marching

An Aspired Living of Prospect Heights resident is proud to call herself a pioneer for women in the workplace.
Before women were working their way towards becoming C.E.O.’s, presidents and leaders of major corporations, there were the women marching for equal rights in the workplace decades prior.

Resident Kaye Janus of Prospect Heights, Illinois, is proud to call herself one of the “pioneers” who led the way for women to shatter the proverbial glass ceiling and exceed at all levels of business.

Successful Dementia Communication Tips for Couples

When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, a lot can change. From a wide range of emotions that can include everything from confusion and anger to physical challenges like an increase in needs and lessened ability to get around, dementia can be rough for couples to handle. But even aside from all the physical and emotional changes, communication may also be altered. 

Tips to Encourage Seniors to Start a Walking Routine

5 Benefits of a Walking Routine for Seniors

As we age, we know that the key to overall health is exercising. Exercising not only helps to keep our bodies fit and healthy, but it also is good for our minds and mental well-being. As seniors age the benefits to exercise seem to increase, making it even more beneficial for seniors to begin a walking routine.

Tips for Helping Your Loved One Feel at Home in Assisted Living

How to Help Your Loved One Feel at Home in Assisted Living

Change is seldom easy. But when so much changes at once, the effects can be unsettling. For your older loved one anticipating a move to an Assisted Living community, their entire established way of life is about to be upended. They’ll need to start over in making their new residence into a place they are happy to call home.

Tips on Maintaining Flexibility for Healthy Senior Living

Maintaining Flexibility for Healthy Senior Living

As we get older, the physical changes that occur naturally in our bodies can keep us from doing what we love. Muscles shrink and their fibers decrease, and tendons lose their water content, making our bodies stiff and unable to tolerate stress. Unless we work to keep our muscle tissue and tendons strong as we age, we might as well kiss our flexibility good-bye.

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