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Maintaining Friendships After Moving into Independent or Assisted Living

When it comes time to move into an independent or assisted living community, many seniors fear changes in their relationships, especially when it comes to friends. Fortunately, when you move to an independent or assisted living community, it doesn’t mean you have to leave all your friends behind. In fact, it means the exact opposite.

5 Ways to Support a Parents Move to Assisted Living

Supporting Parents in Their Move to Assisted Living

If your loved one currently lives independently, it can be shocking to them when someone brings up a move to assisted living. Even if they know it’s a necessity, they may be reluctant to make the move because they are in denial about their abilities. As seniors age, their abilities continue to decrease, making it less safe for them to be at home alone.

8 Reasons to Downsize with a Smile: Rightsizing for Seniors

Many older adults don’t consider downsizing an option until they are in a position in which they either need full-time support or can no longer manage the upkeep of their home. While downsizing can bring to mind stressful thoughts about decluttering, packing, moving hassles, selling your home – not to mention the nostalgia of leaving behind a house full of memories – seniors can experience life-changing benefits by moving to a senior living community before it becomes a necessity.

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