Senior Parents

5 Ways to Support a Parents Move to Assisted Living

Supporting Parents in Their Move to Assisted Living

If your loved one currently lives independently, it can be shocking to them when someone brings up a move to assisted living. Even if they know it’s a necessity, they may be reluctant to make the move because they are in denial about their abilities. As seniors age, their abilities continue to decrease, making it less safe for them to be at home alone.

The Importance of Respite for Caregivers and Seniors with Memory Loss

When you serve as a caregiver to someone with memory loss, it can be easy to overlook aspects of your own personal life. As a loved one most often becomes the primary focus of a caregiver’s life, other aspects may begin to lack. Whether this includes the caregiver’s career, family, friends, home or even self-care routine, being a caregiver can be a lot to handle.

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