A Step in the Right Direction: 8 Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

After being cooped up for so long – first from winter’s cold, then from COVID-19 – we imagine many of you are ready to get outside and enjoy the early summer weather. Did you know that being outside doesn’t just help cure cabin fever, but also lowers your pain levels, boosts your mood, strengthens your relationships and makes you healthier?

Tips to Encourage Seniors to Start a Walking Routine

Detecting Hearing Loss as You Age

Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions that older adults face. Research shows that approximately one out of three seniors ages 65 to 74 experiences hearing loss, and nearly half of those over 75 have some degree of difficulty hearing. Many seniors don’t want to admit to their hearing challenges due to embarrassment or fear, but staying silent on this issue keeps them from receiving the treatment they need to live a happier life.

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