VIVA!℠ Lifestyle

At Pathway to Living®, we’re changing the way people think about senior living ... and we’re even changing the way people age!

It starts with our perspective. We perceive aging as a vibrant stage of life – a time that should be recognized and celebrated. With that belief as our foundation, we created our signature, award-winning VIVA! wellness programming.

This isn’t your grandmother’s bingo.

This isn’t a calendar of activities.

It’s a way of life!

VIVA! fosters purpose and provides a whole new way of aging healthfully and happily, by ensuring our residents Live Well. Age Well. Be Well.



The health and wellness of mind and body is an essential goal of VIVA!℠. At Aspired Living®, we offer programs like tai chi and yoga, as well as brain games and mental exercises. VIVA!’s wellness programs, like nutritional counseling and education on disease prevention and self-care, help reduce unwanted side effects and lead to better living.



The VIVA!℠ lifestyle is as much about leading programs, sharing talents and making a contribution as it is about participation. From intriguing book clubs and art classes to gardening, storytelling, camping and so much more, VIVA! offers opportunities for engagement, social interaction and meaningful contribution – all of which make for happier, healthier people!



VIVA!℠ Plus is a comprehensive and coordinated care model that focuses on wellness care rather than sick care. VIVA! Plus complements VIVA! wellness programming by bringing together a group of third-party healthcare professionals to provide residents with high-quality, coordinated medical and behavioral care options – all conveniently delivered in the privacy and comfort of their own apartment suites.


VIVA! Plus physicians, pharmacists, home health nurses, physical and rehabilitation therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurses and hospice specialists all serve as extensions of the Aspired Living® wellness team.

All providers work together to offer seamless care.